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February is the month of LOVE so we timed the first of a series of mini clips for release entitled PASSION X PLAY featuring people we adore for the passion and play they bring into their work! Meet five tastemakers who have made their mark on the art and fashion landscape of...

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The uber cool Zen Garden at Caelum Greene, Hong Kong’s newest athleisure/wellness space was the perfect setting for my Masque Masterclass. Sharing skincare rituals with green beauties in intimate small workshops over the weekend was pure joy! If you missed out and are feeling experimental, go on, indulge your skin with...

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Turmeric - Unmasked and demystified

Her humble Highness: Isn't it interesting to see how turmeric, the most humble of all spices in an Indian kitchen has become something of a buzzword in the beauty world lately☺ But if you thought this deep orange-hued spice belonged solely in your kitchen pantry, then think again! More and more,...

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