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Purearth - Award-Winning Harpers Bazaar Purearth - Vogue India Cool Award Purearth Featured in Wallpaper Magazine Purearth - Elle 2016 Beauty Award Winner Purearth - Featured in L'Officiel
Purearth Featured in MBG Magazine  Purearth - Asia Spa Favourite Purearth Featured in Forbes Magazine  Purearth - Hong Kong Tatler Purearth Featured in GQ Magazine
Purearth Featured in Huffpost Magazine Purearth - Featured in Monocle
"Discover the new organic range thats got Bazaar aflutter."Harpers Bazaar
"This makes the skin look radiant, clear and nourished in just one night."Harpers Bazaar
"Indulge in the secrets of holistic Ayurveda with Purearths Salt Body Polish that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal smooth, soft and nourished skin. Hand made with the choicest of organic ingredients, this polish will help in maintaining your youthful appearance."Asia Spa
"Modern Ayurveda... ethically conscious, Purearth Turmeric Exfoliating Sand, Grandma's home remedy in a modern package..expect personalised care in a bottle... nourish your body - and soul"Elle
"Naturally sourced ingredients, cedar and cinammon essential oils...feels like a burst of freshness from the Himalayan wild." GQ
"Purearth's Wild Rose Himalayan Mist coddles stressed skin, tightens pores, restores skin's PH balance and smells gorgeous while doing it all." Vogue
"We're lusting after the Healing Hemp & Seabuck cold pressed soap made with hand pounded seabuckthorn and hemp seeds, that not only clears up skin but also helps heal it."Cosmopolitan
"Vogue India Cool Brand" Vogue
My latest beauty obsession- Purearth Illumine Face Oil and Rose and Seabuckthorn Cream! Who knew ayurveda could be so modernly gorgeous yet natural at the same time?Dr Kiran Lohia, Dermatologist, Lumiereskin Clinic
"We salute the new rising stars: Kavita Khosa's Himalayan lovestory... This months beauty obsession - Bespoke, hand-crafted to the extent of being factory free, and lovingly hand-blended in small batches, the products by Purearth are as pure and limited as the air high up in the Himalayas"L'Officiel
"I love Purearth not only because of Kavita's dedication and knowledge, but because the products are really, really effective. I spray the Rosewater in my eyes - it's THAT pure"VASUDHA RAI, FOUNDER - V BEAUTY
"To me Purearth holds up the legacy of recipe based Indian skin care. Each carefully added ingredient holds a story while the luxurious element that Kavita adds to our heirloom treasures wont compromise your skin care no matter what you compare it with." MINI SHASTRI, FOUNDER - OMYOGASHALA
"This is love, pure genuine love"@HAPPGURLSPEAKS
"An afternoon of debunking beauty advertising and skin woes... Thank you Kavita Khosa for the passion of discussions... my skin feels fantastic"ANISHA OBEROI
"20 weeks ago this product changed my life, Purearth you rock! My face feels incrediblw, goodbye every other cream tested. Purearth you are here to stay! Thank you for your positive change... every drop is precious, life time change."BALLY GILL - MUA

A tiny taste of our treats in mini sizes for all orders over US$100!

Pick any TWO FREE minis with your order. Enter your choices before checkout. Enjoy!

A tiny taste of our treats in mini sizes for all orders over US$100!

Pick any TWO FREE minis with your order. Enter your choices before checkout. Enjoy!

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