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equal. ethical. ecological

Most of our ingredients are gathered at soaring altitudes of the Himalayas by micro-credit and women self-help groups. Through these partnerships, marginalized producers engage with urban markets on fair terms.

Many of us are currently seeking a closer connection to the earth, through immersive experiences and a desire for rejuvenating simplicity. We’re awakened to subtle nuances in the way we live -- and discovering magic in the details. At the helm of this movement is a discernment for what is truly worth celebrating: the deep thread of infinite wisdom from ancient communities, raw transcendent beauty free of ornamentation, and craftsmanship that nourishes the body, mind and soul.

This approach to living created Purearth, our artisanal skincare and wellness brand, which equally values the ingredients, maker and you.

Natural rhythm and ritual inform how we create our line. We travel far to forage, returning to concoct, blend and bottle by hand in limited batches at our studio. Evoking harmony between mind, body and soul, our plant and mineral based formulations are rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and a revelation in sustaining beauty and wellness.

Because nearly 60% of what we apply onto our body is absorbed into our bloodstream, Purearth promises superlative ingredients, sourced responsibly and harnessed at the peak of their potency.

Most ingredients are gathered at soaring altitudes of the Himalayas by micro-credit and women self-help groups. Through these partnerships, marginalized producers engage with urban markets on fair terms and we channel back proceeds through our Purepurpose Program

Kavita Khosa
Founder and Creative Director

Kavita traded the world of private equity law for clean beauty. Her sustained interest in wellness led to a Diploma from the Ayurvedic Institute founded by the renowned Dr Vasant Lad. A yoga teacher and Vedanta student, she established and ran Sachananda Yoga Shala, a non-profit yoga school, for four years before starting Purearth in 2012. She is also a lifelong member of the Federation of Women Lawyers, Hong Kong.

An advocate of conscious consumption, she has a propensity to question and unearth what’s precious, refined and worth nurturing for both people and planet. It energizes her conviction that smart girls go green.

Meet the Team

Neo Khama, Design Consultant

Neo is responsible for developing Purearth’s visual identity through print, packaging, digital and art direction. Producing something that is beautiful, global reaching and thoughtful is at the core of her aesthetics. Her preferences in design echo her approach to wellness: simple, pure and effective in function.

Georgina Lycett

Georgina's passion for Women's Rights and equality was illuminated when she first cultivated her creative talents to underline injustices whilst studying at the Manchester School of Art, graduating with a First-Class Honors Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. An immense curiosity of the East brought her to Hong Kong, where she now resides. Combining her love for design and social responsibility, she is proud to be part of a business that is at the forefront of ethical trading.

Marine Viale, Brand Manager

Having lived in over twelve countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, Marine developed an interest for the diversity of beauty rituals abroad and their adaptations to the tastes of local cultures. Honors Graduate from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Design and Management, she brings her passion for economic, social and environmental sustainability to manage customer relations, sales and marketing strategy to drive Purearth as an Ayurvedic skincare leader for conscious consumers.

Dr. Shveta Chhoker, Ayurvedic Practitioner

A resident practitioner at institutes in India and Hong Kong, Dr. Shveta applies her expertise in selecting Ayurvedic herb and plant botanicals to create superlative natural formulations for the Purearth range. What’s exciting for her is to be part of a team that brings nature into homes whilst supporting and encouraging women’s empowerment.

Dr. Sudha Nair, Naturopath & Health Trainer

As the force behind Purearth’s therapeutic treatments, Dr. Sudha is interested in extraordinary spa experiences. Acknowledging the ancient cultures of China, India, Greece and Rome for their sophisticated understanding of health, she emphasizes the harmony of mind, body and spirit to stay well.

Border&Fall, Creative Agency

Border&Fall compliments Purearth by defining its voice and tone. The pursuit of authenticity and challenging the status quo sums up their philosophy to wellness, work and living.

A big thank you to Antoni d'Esterre Darby-Dowman, Scott Newton, John Dove, James da Costa, Samantha Wong and Ben Li. Your enthusiasm, dedication and talent is pure inspiration.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our award-winning range addresses a growing consciousness towards clean, organic skincare, and is steadily amassing a cult following. Equal, ethical and ecological, Purearth advocates conscious consumption by channeling a part of its proceeds into our Purepurpose Program and social impact initiatives. Focused on the sustainability of the planet and its people, our strategic partnerships allow corporates, institutions and stakeholders to implement programs with clear, measurable impact indicators.

Our environmental initiatives support biodynamic and organic farming methods, carbon offsets and reforestation. Through our commitment to working with marginalized women and producer groups, we build alliances that bridge inequalities in gender and pricing in urban markets. We also engage with NGOs, CBOs, women micro-credit and self-help groups in the remote Himalayas in the areas of women’s health and sanitation.

Reach us at to learn more or become involved.

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