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Say Hello To Hemp

ALL HAIL HEMP! The grass is greener when it comes to Hemp we think! So after years of debating the legalities surrounding the topical use of this supergreen in India, we are excited to introduce Hemp in our skincare formulations! Here is a lineup of our skincare collection that features Hemp and...

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Its all about balance! Find your rhythm, spoon the seasons with sensible lifestyle choices as day follows night, and seasons give way to one another... Ritucharya & DinacharyaAyurvedic daily routines sync with the seasons and have long stood the test of time. Ayurveda prescribes lifestyle and dietary choices based on the shift...

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Turmeric - Unmasked and demystified

Her humble Highness: Isn't it interesting to see how turmeric, the most humble of all spices in an Indian kitchen has become something of a buzzword in the beauty world lately☺ But if you thought this deep orange-hued spice belonged solely in your kitchen pantry, then think again! More and more,...

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