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“She who has a 100 husbands” Can you guess who/what I’m referring to? “Shatavari” (शतावरी) also known as Narayani (नारायनी), a species of asparagus from India. 🌿Shatavari is a medicinal ayurvedic herb native to India and has immense benefits for both men and women. To list a few of its benefits: ...

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Shatadhauta Ghrita: DIY Ayurvedic Face Cream

What if you could make your very own, 100% preservative free, Ayurvedic face cream with just two ingredients? Glorious as much as it is a laborious, painstaking labour of love, this is a superbly penetrating face cream with a light as air, luxurious texture. Remarkably high performance, this is a cream...

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Say Hello To Hemp

ALL HAIL HEMP! The grass is greener when it comes to Hemp we think! So after years of debating the legalities surrounding the topical use of this supergreen in India, we are excited to introduce Hemp in our skincare formulations! Here is a lineup of our skincare collection that features Hemp and...

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