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pure purpose foundation

Pure Purpose Foundation

Our award-winning range addresses a growing consciousness towards clean, organic skincare, and is steadily amassing a cult following. Equal, ethical and ecological, Purearth advocates conscious consumption by channeling a part of its proceeds into our Purepurpose Program and social impact initiatives. The Pure Purpose Foundation is our not-for-profit sister company, established as a tax exempt charity in India. Focused on the sustainability of the planet and its people, our strategic partnerships allow corporates, institutions and stakeholders to implement programs with clear, measurable impact indicators.

Our environmental initiatives support biodynamic and organic farming methods, carbon offsets and reforestation. Through our commitment to working with marginalized women and producer groups, we build alliances that bridge inequalities in gender and pricing in urban markets. We also engage with NGOs, CBOs, women micro-credit and self-help groups in the remote Himalayas in the areas of women’s health and sanitation.

Our Initiatives

The Eco-Pot Project.

The Eco-Pot Project to build eco toilets was launched as a means to provide safe sanitation for women and girls. Our first two projects were launched in the Himalayas and Maharashtra, India.

PPF has built 40 toilets around the Gagas river basin in Uttarakhand, Himalayas and around 30 to be built in tribal Adivasi schools in the Grameen areas of Khed, Maharashtra, India.

Purearth and Corporate Social Responsibilty

The Recycling Program.

Get. Give. Grow.

An initiative to move towards a zero waste business, we launched the Recycling Program. We collect Purearth glass jars and bottle empties from your doorstep, free of cost and repurpose them in non commercial ways. For every jar or bottle that is returned, we in turn plant a tree, making a conscious effort towards a greener Earth and greener business practices.

The Refill Program

Our Refill Program will be launched soon to offer a refill service in-store at select locations as part of our commitment to zero-waste.

Reach us at to learn more or become involved.

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