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The Purearth experience proposes a space where time and thought are suspended. An elongated moment of delicate abandon, encouraging a surrender to the senses.

As the rejuvenation and healing begins, parched, stressed or broken skin is leased new life -- emerging luminescent, nourished and cared for. Purearth delights in creating bespoke spa therapies and artisanal bath amenities for guests to indulge in:



Our spa therapies and rituals soothe, invigorate and heal. Evoking deep serenity and rapturous indulgence at once, it manifests our desire and need to repose and recalibrate. Removed from the bustle and tension that filters into urban living, tranquility engulfs the mind and body, interrupted only by delicious bursts of euphoric pleasure.

Purearth’s spa offering includes our signature paro marma facial, detoxifying massages that reawaken the prana (life force) within, and body treatments that lift, tone and exfoliate - leaving you glowing, toned and invigorated. Skin exudes a radiant suppleness and aching muscles are revived. 

Harnessing the potency of wild harvested seeds, roots, plants and flowers, our decadent concoctions are richly concentrated and intensely satisfying. We draw from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, which prescribes recipes, treatments and modalities to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins, restoring balance and vitality to the system.

Acknowledging that true wellness encompasses the body, mind, spirit and planet, respected Ayurvedic doctors and naturopathic practitioners are engaged at various levels in our practice and trainings. The confluence makes the Purearth spa a rarefied experience invoking a conscious, sophisticated decision to live with quality.



We believe a shift to organic, artisanal amenities is an elevated choice for your organization: a luxury that guests will savor in the intimacy of the bathroom, to linger in their memories until they return. Purearth’s coveted line of sulphate free bath amenities is richly absorbing and sublimely scented, created with pure and organic ingredients for your care and wellbeing

We work with you to tailor a custom collection that best serves your exclusive atmosphere and concept.



At Purearth we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and excellence. Impeccable craftsmanship, the rigour of GMP standards and a disciplined focus on the selection of only the finest raw materials and ingredients form the cornerstone of our promise of quality.

We assure our collaborating partners and clients of consistency, quality, capability and integrity in the end-to-end Purearth craft and service experience. God, is in the detail.

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