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Purearth Turmeric Exfoliating Face Sand - Turmeric Face Treatment with Kashmiri Saffron



The Story

Eliciting a rush of vitality, our face sand is an addictive beauty ritual. An ancient Ayurvedic recipe handed down over generations, this hand blended treat is a union of organic, biodynamic turmeric, Kashmiri saffron, Persian walnuts, bitter apricot kernels and neem among other precious ingredients. Gentle and supremely effective, it lifts dead skin cells, drawing out impurities, clearing acne, congestion, blemishes and encouraging blood flow. Polished clean without sacrificing natural moisture, a flourishing complexion emerges – soft and silken smooth.

A favourite with men, our Face Sand works well for thicker, oily prone skin. Fullers earth and walnut help reduce pores, gently exfoliating blackheads and clearing blemishes and acne.

Each apothecary jar is hand-filled and bottled in French Violetglass to keep our stellar ingredients at their peak potency.

The Ritual


The Results


Ayurvedic Benefits




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