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A powerhouse superstar! The award winning Illumine possesses an extraordinary ability to plump skin and soften lines on any complexion, bathing skin with a luminescent glow.

Wild foraged, supercritical CO2 extracted oils of Himalayan seabuckthorn berry and rosehip seed, carefully hand blended with amaranth, bitter apricot and hemp oils. Offering the world's highest botanical source of rare Omega 7, squalene and provitamin A for deep repair and skin regeneration. Rich in bio available phytonutrients, Illumine is infused with aromatic steam distilled plant essences. We invite you to breathe deeply as the sensuous, calming notes linger on your skin as a gentle perfume. 

Composed with rare botanical oils that are natural, unrefined, non deodorized, and may vary in colour and fragrance with changes in seasonal harvests.  We hope that you will embrace the beauty and purity of this precious elixir.

Hand filled and bottled in recyclable violetglass to protect the bio-active energy of our precious oils.

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Anjali H.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Adore the Illumine Oil

The best product you have!

Athena T.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Would recommend !

Although the elixir is in oil form, it’s not oily at all and smells amazing. It’s quickly and easily absorbed but at the same time helps to keep my face nice and soft. I prefer to mix it / combine it with the face cream and it works like a dream for both night and day !

Simrann S.
India India

Elixir Supercritical face oil

Its simply spectacular, my skin feels, soft, dewy and glowing. I have a few pimple marks from my younger days, but if they weren’t there then I would say it almost makes my skin look like porcelain. And I’m so glad that such amazing beauty products are coming out from India and you guys are doing a wonderful job.

Sonia S.

To convey heartfelt gratitude for excellent products

Using elixir since 15 days, must say it really helped a lot Got your sand/ rose mist / apricot oil today! Applied all as suggested by you, there was no reaction/ redness as I was very apprehensive because of problems faced with other brands. Must say a big heartfelt thanks to you for all hard work & love you pour in your products.

shalini c.

super hydrating!

I am obsessed with this oil.. keeps my skin hydrated even at -2. Loveeeee!!!


beautiful texture and heavenly scent!

Illumine is a beautiful, delicate oil that’s fantastic to use both day and night due to its beautiful texture and nourishing oils. The scent of this is heavenly and it truly gives a beautiful glow to the skin from within.

United States


Love how my face feels, soft and smooth. Not greasy. Beautiful aroma. Made with love. Very special serum.

Kamilla K.

Have you ever tried Purearth's face oils? They do wonders!

They do wonders on my skin. Their ingredients are collected at high altitudes of the Himalayas and their oils are incredibly beautiful and pure.

Anisha O.

All i need to pack for my winter vacation

Illumine Elixir Supercritical Oil from my fav.

Jo S.

I have been using this for a few months and my freckles are slowly diminishing.

I don't think they will ever disappear, but blemishes are lighter for sure! Very happy with the results.

Kajal M.

Purearth is a brand with which I associate excellent fabulous products,

made with the finest and best quality of natural ingredients. Some of my favs from their collection would include the Illumine Elixir Oil- Definitely a precious treasure to make your healthy, plump and glowy. Anyone who has used Purearth products will simply get addicted to it and I for sure super love this brand.


..treating myself with Illumine Face Elixir oil with purest Wild Himalayan Seabuckthorn Oil along with other skin perfecting oils.

It smells divine and gives you a soft velvety glow, no greasiness whatsoever. I really want to bathe in this oil and yes i've tried half a dropper in my bath tub today but that's it, its too precious.


This award winning Illumine Elixir Oil is about as special as you will get the magic on your skin.

Just a few drops leave skin dewy soft and evenly toned as blemishes fade and lines diminish.

Neesha S.

The Illumine Elixir Oil is grandmas homemade wisdom, deeply relaxing and full of replenishing goodness in every drop.

All Purearth products reek of authentic pureness and highly recommended for that instant uplift no matter where or when used. Definitely the Michelin of skin food!!

Mini T.

These are time tested, botanical elixirs.

Each carefully extracted ingredient or oil holds a story as they can be generations old even timeless like Yoga or Ayurveda. The elements of beautiful bottling, the outcome through the art and science of beauty leaves the skin luxurious specially for aging skin and pigmentation. I embrace tradition in most things concerning day to day living and appreciate highly an effort for ethical, sustainable, responsibly sourced products, while giving back to make lives of the community of growers and rural women and taking them along.

Saroja K.

I have been using your Illumine Face Elixir Oil for over 4 months now and seen a genuine transformation in my skin.

Its been a slow and steady progress from dull aging skin to visible clear and glowing skin and i definitely intend to continue using this magic oil ,from your stable, to sustain and maintain this visible and healthy transformation that my skin has undergone. The best part is that while i can see the change for myself, its super special when someone you meet instantly compliments you on how glowing the skin looks! Trust me when i say this, that my skin was never my strong asset and i had sort of resigned myself to that condition , as i am in my fifties now and wondered if there was any hope of finding a non surgical and non chemical solution for my skin that actually works. In Purearth Illumine oil, i found it and am so thankful :) May you continue to do this labour of love for the likes of us who remain eternally thankful for your ethical, honest and eco friendly solutions to our skin and hair!

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