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shiny. healthy. lustrous.

A neon pink hair oil that revitalizes and strengthens hair, fortifying the follicles and rebuilding hair growth for long, strong, lustrous locks.  Nourish hair with Kesha, composed with cold pressed Himalayan hemp, apricot and castor seed oils, and solar infused with our in-house maceration of nigella (kalonji), jatamansi, bhringraj, nagarmotha and a complex of certified organic Ayurvedic herbs. Synergistically composed to repair dry, damaged hair from color and heat treatments while arresting hair loss, hair fall and premature greying.

We invite you to invoke this devi shakti (feminine energy) mantra, chosen especially or promoting thick, long hair. Breathe deeply as aromatic notes of jasmine, jatamansi and lavender soothe the senses.

Every creation is hand filled and housed in biophotonic violetglass apothecary jars, allowing the optimum spectrum of light to penetrate, protecting and enhancing the bio-active energy of our precious and rare botanicals. Plants use the energy of sunlight to ‘feed’ themselves and produce antioxidants – and it is this ‘stored life bio energy’ within our bottling that makes our formulations so potent and performance-driven.

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