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The Purearth Ritual -
celebrate the skin
you are in

Photo by Ayushi Agarwal
Celebrate your natural beauty with our creations and rituals that soothe, revitalize and heal. Evoking deep serenity and rapturous indulgence at once, our rituals manifest a desire and need to repose and recalibrate, encouraging a surrender to the skin and senses. As the rejuvenation and healing begins, skin is leased new life -- emerging luminescent, nourished and cared for.

Removed from the bustle and noise that filters into urban living, our rituals invite you to step into a sacred space where tranquility engulfs you skin and spirit, interrupted only by delicious bursts of euphoric pleasure.

By Skin Concern

Acneic & oily.

This is the type and category of skin concerns that can cause so much confusion about the ways to treat it. Remember, oils are not an enemy of the skin. Paired with our masques, exfoliant and mist, the treatment we prescribe can show visible improvement and relief. Our rituals can relieve and help clear conditions that can vary from mild, occasional breakouts, moderate inflammatory eruptions to severe nodules & cysts.

The Wild Rose Himalayan Mist, Mitti Face Masque and Wild Seaberry Supercritical Oil come to the rescue, be it due to hormonal or lifestyle reasons or a compromised sebum due to poor skincare choices. Your general Ayurvedic skin condition can be classifed as a Pitta dosha imbalance, which vitiates the rakta and medha dhatus (blood and fat tissues) producing toxins that block the energy pathways of the face, leading to disturbed sebaceous glands and pimple formation.

For a detox cleanse from the inside out – our Wild Nettle Whole Leaf Tisane Infusion is one that is very effective and well loved by many!

Dry. Dehydrated.

There is an amazing grace about a face that glows with vibrant skin, radiating joy in every fine line, a quiet wisdom that manifests with the privilege of age.

Age-less in our books means skin at any age – clear luminous and glowing with vitality and health. UV sun exposure over the years, melasma, hormonal pigmentation and loss of elasticity and tone are a natural part of skin ageing. Dry skin lacks emollients while dehydrated skin lacks water. Skin with dryness, dehydration needs deep nourishment and moisture. A plump, radiant complexion the natural way is possible with humectant and moisture building treats. Aromatic facials, oil massages, masque-ing and exfoliating with The Wild Rose Himalayan Mist, Mitti Face Masque, Illumine Elixir Supercritical Face Oil, Rose & Seabuck Face Cream and Camomila Eye Serum help regenerate skin from a deeper cellular level and support skin health.

Your skin is more Vata dominant so adopt a deeply nourishing, clarifying and comforting skincare ritual and complement it with similar lifestyle choices.

Sensitive. Allergic.
Rosacea. Irritated.

Do we live in an era of the FOMO? The stresses and pressure of urban living, chemical toxicity both in our diet and skincare can take a toll on our skin. Our skin is a delicate, sensitive yet strong and resilient protective cover and a barometer of what is going on on the inside too. You may be genetically pre-disposed to this skin type. Or skin can become sensitive, irritated and rosacea prone for a myriad of reasons - overuse of peels and treatments, chemically laden skincare and sunscreen, pollution, hard water, harsh sun exposure, food and lifestyle choices.

if you have intolerant, allergy-prone or sensitive skin, your skin will naturally react to external irritants quickly and easily. Symptoms can range from itching, tingling, burning, tightness, flushing and redness,

A ritual with Bitter Apricot Body & Hair Oil, Wild Rose Himalayan Mist, Mitti Face Masque and Wild Seaberry Supercritical Face Oil is designed for these skin concerns which features our single origin oils, preservative, additive free toners. Safe compositions and formulations that will allow skin to heal and regain its strength, resiliency and balance over time.

A renowned adaptogenic stress buster and a healing herb in Ayurveda, our Tulsi Whole Leaf Tisane Infusion calms and soothes, the perfect cuppa at the end of an arduous day.

UV sun damage.
Hyperpigmentation, Uneven tone.

Dull, uneven skin tone can be a challenge for the best of us. Years of sun exposure, hormonal pigmentation and discolouration can diminish the vibrancy, radiance and glow of skin. Our synergistic compositions rich in Vitamins A (pro retinol), C and E and antioxidants, paired with our masque-ing and exfoliating rituals can bear visible results with patience and time. Our singular Wild Rosehip Seed Supercritical Oil, Rose & Seabuck Face Cream, brightening and lightening Mitti Face Masque, Turmeric Sand Exfoliant Face Masque help fade the effects of wear and tear to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion.

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