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Detoxify. Balance. Regenerate.

Wildcraft, hand-picked and shade-dried tender nettle leaves from high altitudes of the Himalayas together with certified organic cacao shell act as a powerful detoxifier, combatting oxidative and environmental stress. Harvested by myriad cultures for its herbal and talismanic properties, nettle has more silica than any other plant, boosting collagen and elasticity. Our single origin cacao shell is a high source of antioxidants. Notes of rich chocolate lend intense flavour. A delicious way to reap the benefits is to drink it as a mineral rich tisane.

Our Ayurvedic herbs are carefully selected by indigenous womenfolk at elevations of over 7000 to 12,000 feet. Tangled wild nettle makes for an exciting quest - as the quick-growing plants favour the edges of streams in moisture dense conditions.

Housed in our beautiful apothecary jars, each Detox Whole Leaf Nettle Tisane Infusion is hand-filled and bottled in violetglass to preserve the bio-active energy of our precious ingredients.

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vasudha r.

My favourite blend is @purearth Himalayan Nettle with 3-4 threads of saffron a small stick of cinnamon.

Sheetal S.
I loved this one

This is really rich in antioxidants and it works the way it’s described. I highly recommend this one.

Shagun K.
Wild nettle- I love herbal infusions.

My new Wild Nettle Tea by Purearth is like herbal magic. 100% natural, preservative and caffeine free. The infusion is rich in a variety of nutrients. Some amazing benefits of this tea. Mild diuretic improves blood circulation, anti inflammatory, treat seasonal allergies, reduce acne antibacterial, detox body. I like to add a teaspoon in my teapot filled with boiled water, brew for 3-4 mins and drink this morning for a refreshing start to my day.

Kajal M.
Purearth is a brand with which I associate excellent, fabulous products made with the finest and best quality of natural ingredients.

Some of my favs from their collection would include the Nettle tea- it is wellness in a jar. Anyone who has used Purearth products will simply get addicted to it and i for sure super love this brand.

Battling congestion on my chin and detoxifying through Purearth based on traditional Ayurvedic medicines for internal & external healing.

These wonderful products couldn't have arrived at a better time. Humidity and hormones are supposedly not friends Healing internally with wild nettle tea infusion, ultimate power tool for purifying and calming your body. I received this last week and i have been ending my day with a cup of this tea and i can see the difference already. I have seen that supplementing your diet has more effective and faster results than using products externally, not that you don't know this.

In addition to skincare, Purearth also make teas.

This detoxifying tea contains wild nettle harvested from high altitudes of the Himalayas by local women. It has a mild green flavour that Ive grown to like. I mostly tend to drink it at night before bed. Nettle tea is supposedly effective at treating acne, inflammation and other skin problems. I havent been drinking it every day to see visible results, but I do find it a great tea to unwind with.

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