Do we live in an era of the fomo? The stresses and pressure of urban living, chemical toxicity both in our diet and skincare can take a toll on our skin. Our skin is a delicate, sensitive yet strong and resilient protective cover and a barometer of what is going on, on the inside too. You may be genetically predisposed to this skin type. Or skin can become sensitive, irritated, and rosacea-prone for a myriad of reasons - overuse of peels and treatments, chemically-laden skincare and sunscreen, pollution, hard water, harsh sun exposure, food and lifestyle choices. If you have intolerant, rosaceous, allergy-prone or sensitive skin, it will naturally react to external irritants quickly and easily. Symptoms can range from itching, tingling, burning, tightness, flushing and redness.

A step by step guide

Mitti Raw Honey Face MasqueMitti Raw Honey Face Masque

Mitti Raw Honey Face Masque

46 reviews
Wild Seaberry Supercritical OilWild Seaberry Supercritical Oil

Wild Seaberry Supercritical Oil

54 reviews
Kwansha Facial Beauty CoinKwansha Facial Beauty Coin

Kwansha Facial Beauty Coin

25 reviews
Rose & Seabuck Replenishing Face CreamRose & Seabuck Replenishing Face Cream
Sold out

Rose & Seabuck Replenishing Face Cream

29 reviews
Wild Rose Himalayan MistWild Rose Himalayan Mist

Wild Rose Himalayan Mist

16 reviews
Camomila Eye SerumCamomila Eye Serum

Camomila Eye Serum

9 reviews
Qing Cleansing OilQing Cleansing Oil

Qing Cleansing Oil

5 reviews
Kunchi Face BrushKunchi Face Brush

Kunchi Face Brush

4 reviews
Kapas Exfoliating Muslin Face ClothKapas Exfoliating Muslin Face Cloth

Kapas Exfoliating Muslin Face Cloth

1 review

A step by step guide

step 1

The Wild Rose Himalayan Mist with a pH of around 4-5 is compatible with the skin’s acid mantle which is also of a similar pH (4-6) range, and is a God sent saviour for disturbed skin. Our steam distilled Rose Mist is so mild and pure we even drink it! Damp skin with this preservative and additive free flower water to calm and soothe irritated skin as often as you like throughout the day.

step 2

To cleanse skin, gently pat 2-3 pumps of the Qing Cleansing Oil all over face, neck and chest to nourish and comfort skin while lifting environmental and other pollutants and cleanse skin. Softly wipe away with our cool damp Kapas Exfoliating Muslin Cloth gently patting the cloth over face to cleanse skin. Allow this calming oil with melissa and angelica to heal, soothe redness and irritation.

step 3

Rosacea prone, irritated skin needs a mild exfoliation and masque-ing ritual to slough off dry, dead skin cells. Using our hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested vegan Kunchi Face Brush to apply a thin layer of Mitti Raw Honey Face Masque once a week, allowing its raw honey, raw butters and oils to heal and the clay minerals to enrich tissues and help cell turnover without aggravating or irritating compromised skin.

step 4

Our single ingredient Wild Seaberry Supercritical Face Oil is proven to regenerate skin’s corneocytes. The seabuckthornberry oil protects cells from oxidative damage, also traditionally used for the treatment of ulcers by controlling pro-inflammatory mediators. This oil promotes recuperation of skin injuries and supports the healing of irritated skin.

step 5

Irritated skin has disturbed microflora and a compromised sebum as well as pH. Safe compositions and formulations like our Rose & Seabuck Replenishing Face Cream for daytime and night, along with the Camomila Eye Serum will allow skin to heal and regain its strength, resiliency and balance. These moisturizers respect the skin’s pH and work synergistically to restore the skin’s equilibrium.

step 6

A renowned adaptogen stress buster and a healing herb in Ayurveda, our Tulsi Whole Leaf Tisane Infusion calms and soothes, the perfect cuppa at the end of an arduous day.

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