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FACIAL BEAUTY COIN 100gm / 3.53 oz


Deliveries ship out 28 Sept onwards

The Story

A first of its kind, the Kwansha Beauty Coin is a custom designed facial massage tool.  An ancient healing metal in Ayurveda, our Kwansha Beauty Coin brings vitality, radiance and health for beautiful skin from the inside out. 

The Kwansha Beauty Coin works on the skin, underlying connective tissues, boosting immunity and balancing the bio electric, magnetic and energetic prana fields of our body. Draws out pitta and heat, acidity, blockages, impurities and toxins from the skin and the system. A facial massage with the Kwansha Beauty Coin aids micro circulation, promoting oxygen rich blood flow to the skin, imparting a luminous glow!

A special metal alloy, each piece is hand crafted by our master artisans in the art of “kansa” metal making with a patina and finish that is unique to each piece. Designed to bring balance and symmetry to the face, our Kwansha Beauty Coin will help lift, tone and shape the facial contours while bringing suppleness to skin with regular use. We hope you embrace the minor imperfections of each handcrafted piece as an intrinsic part of the beauty of the tool.

Patent pending (app #201921005589)

The Ritual


The Results



Customer Reviews
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Janhavi p.
India India

an age defying heirloom

Its beautiful, feels smooth and solid on the skin....the design is innovative and works on the counters of the face as though it were a part of the human anatomy. It's a bed-time ritual for me. Thank you Kavita. Keep innovating and keep us youthful in the head and the heat. xx

Gitanjali R.
India India

Kwansha racial beauty coin - Best Buy ever

I recently bought this beauty coin so can’t really say about this coin in terms of firmness or strengthening that it does to face muscles but yes it has definitely helped me reduce puffiness and my face glows after the massage. Thank u

Manprit S.
India India

Kwansha:Gold route for skin

Kwansha is the ultimate tool you need for your skin. This is that one product which will do complete justice to your pocket and gives you a deep experience. I use it once a week or when ever I my skin feels dull and it completely rejuvenates. If you want your skin to glow like gold MUST go for Purearth Kwansha!

India India


I want to say I like this tool but the stains on it after using it only a couple of times is really off putting. I have tried to remove the stains by cleaning it but that did not work.

sonali G.
India India

fit the contours of the face so perfectly!!!

Hello I just wanted to tell you that I am enjoying using the Kwansha What I like about it is that it fit the contours of the face so perfectly!!!

shagun k.
India India

The kwansha looks

Thank you so much Kavita!! ❤️The kwansha looks

mudita S.
India India

they're fab

tried the Qing cleansing oil and kwansha coin last night!! They’re fab- going to get the cleaning oil again and again!

Gowri G.
India India

totally enjoying my Kwansha routine

I have been totally enjoying my Kwansha routine❤️❤️love it so much

smita B.
India India

It’s divine..

I’ve received my kwansha coin It’s divine..

Sharada s.
India India

feels very relaxing

Whenever I need a good face massage , I use It feels very relaxing

Audrey a.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Good for mama, good for baby!

I enjoy massaging my 10 month old baby girl with the Kwansha Facial beauty coin to help improve her circulation and overall immunity. She was so calm as I ran the coin up and down her limbs, across her cheeks and forehead and even under her feet as her toes curled. She smiled throughout the little pampering, and it is my hope to raise her with an understanding and appreciation for traditional healing methods and tools like this for her children too. Thank you Purearth!

Miss C.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Excellent !

An excellent gua sha tool I had ever tried! A good design and easy for handling. Purearth Kwanshafacial beauty coin made with a special material from India, I got a good result on my jaw line. A perfect gift to your mum, dad, friends and anyone :)

rucha d.
India India

Great experience so far

I have been religiously using the Kwansha face coin for a week and a half now and have already and have already started feeling a bit of difference in the general muscle tone of my face. I usually have some puffiness in the lower part of my face in the morning, but a massage with this facial coin and the rosehip oil really takes care of that! Also while i massage I feel my facial muscles firming up. Will review again once I have used it for a longer time!

India India

Lovely product

It’s my best gua sha tool so far

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