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Detoxifying, relaxing exfoliation for the skin.

Our detoxifying body polish is breathtakingly beautiful in a rust pink - formulated with Himalayan salt crystals, rich in trace minerals. A multiple award winner, this luxurious polish is hand blended into an energizing exfoliant with bitter apricot kernels, wild pomegranate, Persian walnuts, and high performance organic  Ayurvedic botanicals. Precious essential oils of mandarin, eucalyptus and wild Himalayan cedarwood form a divine bouquet that leaves skin replenished and glowing. Surrender with pleasure for exquisite bath time bliss!

Handcrafted with 100% natural, wild and organic botanicals that may vary in colour, texture and fragrance with changes in seasonal harvests.  We hope that you will embrace the beauty of our bespoke creations.

Housed in our beautiful apothecary jars, each Himalayan Salt Body Polish is hand-filled and bottled in French Violetglass to preserve the bio-active energy of our precious botanicals.

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we reach out to purearth time and again...

We reach out for purearth time and again for nourishing, luxurious skincare. We love the Himalayan salt body polish (an award-winning polish hand-blended from bitter apricot kernels, wild pomegranate, Persian walnuts, and high performance organic Ayurvedic botanicals), as well as the rose and sea buck face cream (a bespoke creation that will leave your complexion balanced, firm, and radiant)


The potato chip company, Lays, has come under fire in the past for selling bags of chips that contain more air than crispy goodness. Wish I could submit a photo as apparently, Pure Earth thought my bottle of body polish was actually a chip bag and filled it as such (2/3 of product). Beautiful packaging and great product. Is it really too much to ask for a company to avoid cutting corners & skimping customers?


Hello dear, our Salt Polish is actually way over 100 gm and is housed in a larger 150 gm jar to easily scoop out the polish. It is a dense product steeped in expensive pure oils. May we suggest you weigh it and you will understand our generous helping of extra product over the 100gm that we happily fill in each jar for you to enjoy :)

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